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    Purpose of the Research Institute

    Based on the market, based on the production;
    Self-reliance, continuous innovation;
    Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue.


    Unionlight Institute’s existing senior R&D staff over 30 people, most of them with master degree, including 8 Dr.. Core team members have the experience of many years engaged in the development and production of laser and optoelectronic materials and manufacturing equipment. Future senior R&D team members will not be less than 60 people.

    Key research areas


    Has successfully developed large-size sapphire single crystal, blue glass, terbium gallium garnet crystal yttrium vanadate crystal and neodymium-doped vanadium yttrium laser crystal, and mass production.

    Future planning

    Built above the provincial level enterprise academician workstation and post-doctoral programs;
    Build world-class R & D base of laser and optoelectronic materials;
    Establish large-size sapphire crystal and substrate materials National Engineering Center.