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    UL-TS serie sapphire crystal growth furnace——can grow 18-150kg class sapphire crystal, low energy consumption, good stability, high degree of automation.


    Large-size sapphire crystal——widely used in LED lighting, digital electronic products、military industry, its’ the best material for manufacturer blue, green LED substrate, at the same time, new generation of smart phones panel is expected to greatly increased demand for sapphire crystal.


    IRCF Blue glass material——IRCF is use precision optical coating technology to plate high and low refractive index optical film on optical glass (blue glass),to realize visible region (400 to 630 nm) through, near infrared (700 to 1100 nm) cut off optical filter, mainly used in phones’ camera, computer built-in camera, car video cameras, used to eliminate infrared light on the CCD / CMOS imaging.

    Blue glass materials


    2-8 inch super-hard material grinding machine——LED sapphire substrate, high-end smart phone panel and camera module filters (tab) grinding and polishing equipment。


    Laser Marking Machine——Use high-energy laser beam irradiate on the workpiece surface, make light instantaneous into heat energy,heat makes workpiece surface marking parts rapidly vaporized,carve the desired text and graphics on workpiece surface.


    Other non-standard equipment, include high temperature and high vacuum equipment, new materials processing equipment and so on.

    High vacuum brazing furnace High vacuum irrigation mercury