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    Employee benefits


    1.Paid annual leave

           According to the service time for company, staff could enjoy a certain time paid annual leave.


    2.Annual tourism

      According to operations and performance, organized tour, shift workshop staff take turns to participate.


    3.Staff activities

      Outings, sports and entertainment activities, such as basketball, soccer, mountain spring outing.


    4.Annual physical examination

      Mid-April each year, organize full comprehensive physical examination.



      Pay pension, health care, maternity, work injury, unemployment and Provident Fund for employees

    6.Annual bonus plan

      Ordinary employees’ year-end bonuses are according to company performance and staff monthly performance appraisal, seniority and so on.

      Managements are according to completion of the annual departmental KPI indicators.


    7.Employees birthday cards and birthday gift

      Congratulate birthday month employees, they will receive greeting cards and gift cards from superiors.


    8.Accommodation and meal allowance

      Supply employees who need accommodation 4-5 people/room air-conditioned rooms, with washing machines, drinking fountains, and other home appliances.

      Supply house rent employees with 150-200RMB/people housing subsidies.

      Provide meals free or 400RMB/month meal allowance.


    9.The staff entertainment center and reading room

      Headquarters plant and FuJian base has planned staff entertainment center, golf course, etc.

      Some accommodation has been installed satellite TV.

      Book shelf or library has been set up for study and communicate.



      Statutory holidays and for traditional Chinese festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, employees will receive traditional holiday gifts or holiday allowance。


    11.Internal training mechanism and external training institutions for vocational training for employees

      February to November every year, HR department will according to staff training needs to implement training,training related to technology, management, communication, literacy and so on.

            Team leader and workshop director level opened a special team leader training camps and courses, to provide realistic training and assistance for staff promotion and career planning。

      Within the department in accordance with its own characteristics and requirements to carry out a variety of internal training.

      Engage external outstanding teacher training, intensive training for senior Group.


    12.Employees will be awarded on the positive recommendations

      Encourage employees to offer suggestions, positive suggestions and report adverse phenomenon will be praise and reward.


    13.Long-term good relations of cooperation with universities and research institutes, to provide a platform for the further education of employees

      We cooperate with more than a dozen universities and research institutes such as Shanghai Optics and Fine Mechanics, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fujian Longyan College, the areas of cooperation include not only technical and project management exchange。

      Bring up excellent engineers and scientists of optoelectronic technology is Unionlight’ Social Responsibility, we encourage employees continue to learn in his spare time, and further studies.