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    Blue glass

    Unionlight U600 series of blue glass IRCF (IR cut filter) is mainly used for digital imaging area such as mobile phone camera die, computer built-in camera, car video cameras, is used to eliminate infrared light on CCD/CMOS imaging. By add blue glass IRCF in imaging system, to barrier infrared light which interference image quality, you can make the image quality to achieve the best results. Compared to ordinary white glass IRCF, the blue glass IRCF imaging more clear, the photosensitive effective angle up to 30 degrees. Unionlight U600 Series IRCF could meet T50 wavelength between 625nm-660nm any customer demand, has passed 1000 hours of stability testing.



    U600 series blue glass 



    Dimensional tolerances 


    Spectral characteristics

    430~600nm: Tave>92%,Tmin>88%
    638±3nm: T=50%                                     
    700nm~1000nm: Tave<1%,Tmax<2
    1100nm: T<3%

    Surface Quality

    Point-like defects:<20μm
    Nick:1 strip,width≤10μm,length≤50μm