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    New optical materials and equipment solutions

    ●   Supply LED substrate level 2-6 inch sapphire crystal rods;

    ●   Supply 18-80kg class sapphire rough;

    ●   Supply sapphire single crystal growth equipment, and provide standard process;

    ●   Formation sapphire growth, ingot processing,LED substrate film processing production Line for customer;

    ●   Supply a variety of new optoelectronic materials preparation solutions for customer.







    LED application solutions

        We could supply systematic LED street lights solutions,include design, manufacture and installation of street lights, and quality of service.


    1.Lianzhong road, Liancheng County, Longyan City, Fujian Province(main road 15m, sidewalk 5m, total length of 2.5 km)


     2.Xiamen LED street lights case