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    LED semiconductor lighting
    GaN based LED and sapphire
    Light Emitting Diode use diode electron and hole binding process energy conversion generate the output of light. LED used in lighting field,can be energy-saving, environmental protection, high luminous efficiency, and long life.GaN based LED’s(Blue, green) Typical structure as shown

    Sapphire crystal and GaN has the same crystal structure, both have good chemical stability, heat dissipation on high temperature, and is easy to get large-size, cheap, the best substrate material for epitaxial growth of high quality GaN。

    White LED chip structure
       Under normal circumstances, the white LED could be achieved by GaN-based LED chip (BD) add YAG phosphor (yellow), typical structure as shown:

    LED industry chain


    Unionlight as a professional supplier of sapphire crystal material, is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective sapphire products to downstream customers (PSS, epitaxy).
    Application Examples:

    LED backlight

        LED as backlight of mobile phones are the most widely used in the field of LED applications, mainly due to the LED is small size, light weight, thin, durable. As the growth of the global mobile phone production, LED backlight also increased. LED market fromoriginal mobile phone to enter the LCD TV, tablet PC, the prospects are very bright.

    LED backlight LCD LED Mobile backlight screen

    LED urban lighting


    Urban lighting needs are constantly changing. People need no longer simply in town to provide adequate lighting to ensure the visibility and safety; lighting increasingly being used to create a night environment, to make city takes on a new face. LED provides the unparalleled urban environment illumination, both refreshing and very practical. They are highly adjustable, allowing designers to break through the static lighting, and try to create a flexible atmosphere. These energy consumption equivalent to only a small part of the traditional lighting, for the country save a lot of energy expenditure.

    LED road lighting LED tunnel lighting

    Signal lighting

    The signal lighting is the LED monochromatic light widely used area , the typical application example is the traffic lights. LED traffic lights can reduce maintenance costs, reduce the possibility of other accidents occurred when burned, and can be used as emergency battery during power outage, LED signal lighting is also used extensively for the exit (EXIT) instructions. LED has many advantages, high reliability, reduced maintenance, long life, and energy savings.

    Traffic lights Emergency exit

    LED interior lighting


    As the 21st century in response to the world’s energy conservation theme clean light source, the important value of the LED light source to achieve, the first to benefit from the application in the field of home & hotel attempt.

    LED integrated lighting and lamps integrated into one, saving costs while meeting the designer lighting design needs to adapt to the energy-saving, environmental protection, designed in one of the home lighting market. High energy consumption is an urgent need to address the cost of many high-end hotels. LED lamps have a high luminous flux, energy save than an average of 70% or more, to ensure high standards of lighting to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving.

    Home lighting Hotel lighting


    LED light is energy saving and environmental protection, no UV, meet certain businesses to display personalized light environment psychological, has become businesses display light source of choice for some special products; its high color rendering is very suitable to heighten the atmosphere of the stores and shopping malls, very suitable for commercial lighting, such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, specialty stores.

    Stores Supermarket

    LED Landscape Lighting

    In landscape lighting, LED has different usage in squares, parks, green space, water, underwater, roads, due to the small size of LED lamps, easy to hide, richly varied in terms of shape, style, color, function, intelligent control, brightness can be controlled, making the rich colors, scene changes, it will produce a better landscape lighting effect.

    Peugeot building lighting Urban park lighting
    Attractions lighting Attractions lighting

    LED automotive lighting

    High-power LED has been used extensively for automotive lighting, is mainly used for car brake light, tail lights, turn lights, down lights, license plate light, and gradually applied in the car dome light, reading lights, instrument panel lights and door lights.

    LED special lighting

    Special lighting applications, the most significant feature is the use of the environment in public domain, and lit long time,high standard of security verification. End-use applications including emergency lighting, stage lights, underwater lights, track lights, LED transposition group, path lighting instructions, swimming pool, surface temperature limiter, medical places lighting. At present, medical places LED lighting products with international certification standards including surgical lighting, jaundice lights, infrared heating lamps, beauty lighting, laser.