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    Mobile phone panel&Cover lens
    Sapphire’s hardness is nearly Mohs9, Sapphire mobile phone’s screen thickness is only 0.3mm, has very high optical transmittance, scattering, and can present more realistic colorsbright and clear mirror effect; it has high sensitivity, more than other commercially available protective film touch sensitive, the screen is more fluid; sapphire radiation’s resistance is 2 times than ordinary glass , effectively reduce the electromagnetic radiation on the human body. The iPhone5, the fifth-generation iPod touch and iPod nano camera comprehensive use sapphire lens.
    With increased competition and technological improvements, sapphire costs also dropped significantly. We believe that in the near future, consumers will be able to use stronger, more scratch-resistant smart phone.

    Watch mirror
    LOOKING GLASS:The watch surface of transparent lens to protect the watch surface (clockface). Table mirror can be divided into three categories: plastic mirror, quartz glass mirror, sapphire material mirror. Sapphire is stable and hard, it can solve scratching, aging, corrosion and other problems, sapphire worksheet wear generally used for high-end watches.


    In the case of there is no instrument, a simple method can be used to distinguish between ordinary quartz glass and sapphire. Just a drop of water on watch's mirror, and then stand up watch, as long as the water was not dispersed small spherical, can be judged as sapphire, on the contrary, the water flow away, flowing down along the plane, determine this table mirror as an ordinary quartz glass.