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    IR cut filter is a precision optical coating technology plated alternately high and low refractive index of the optical film on the optical glass, the visible region (400 to 630nm) and high permeability, the near-infrared (700 to 1100nm) optical filter cutoff, the main applicationin are camera phones, computers built-in camera, car video cameras, digital imaging, used to eliminate infrared light on the CCD/CMOS imaging. General optical glass and plated infrared cut-off membrane constitutes the IR cut filter is only applicable to low-pixel camera, unable to meet the requirements of more than 8 million pixels lens. At present, more than 8 million pixels lens being used infrared cut filter is replaced by blue glass optical glass. Smartphone high pixel trend will drive the blue glass IRCF market a rapid expansion.

    Mobile phones and laptop LENS structure diagram

    The main application areas:
      High pixel mobile phone

    Good low-light color reproduction;

    Fully effective filter infrared light impact;


     IP Camera

    Good low-light performance;

    VGA resolution;

    True color reproduction;

    Large viewing angle, small distortion;

    Lower total module, flat cable connector interface, easy to connect;


     Video intercom

    CMOS chip, high and low temperatures far better than CCD;

    Ultra-low power, 12V input only need 40mA;

    Ultra-wide input voltage range, capable of stand 7-20V continuous voltage;

    CVBS signal output, easy connect;

    AEC, AWB, automatically avoid shake, and many other image adjustment function can be adjusted flexibly according to customer requirements;

    Good low-light color reproduction;


     Monitor machine

    Monitor machine is widely used in security monitoring, traffic monitoring, airport security and medical.

    Product including lens, motors, and embedded systems for control, only need to connect a monitor then could achieve full functionality。

    Support for high-performance digital signal processing (DSP) technology, can provide better image quality than the traditional integrated camera and easy handling.